Something new for 2013?

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DSC_0136Are you thinking of taking up a new hobby or pastime this year? Or maybe starting up a hobby again you used to do.

At Kaigan Dojo we are always looking for new members.  Why not come and try a 480 year old japanese traditional sword art.

Do I need to be fit?

Unlike other Martial Arts, Iaido and Iaijutsu sword arts can be taken up by anyone at any age. In the main, it is a solo practice so this is not Kendo or fencing and you do not have to be super fit to take part.  It is suitable men, women, and children (at our discretion) or all ages.

Do I need expensive equipment?

No, simply turn up in clothing that is easy to move in – a tracksuit or other martial arts uniform if you have one.  A Bokken (Wooden Practice Sword) will be provided for you to begin with.  Once you decide to take part you can purchase a bokken at low cost.

Do I need a sword?

If you practice for a while with us this comes up in conversation.  You will know when you are ready and we will make appropriate suggestions.  All blades are either wooden or blunt and need to be approved for use.  Please do not think a £20 wall hanger bought at a bootfair will do the job.  It won’t.

grading230812What we will cover?

There are a huge number of different Iaido and Iaijutsu schools, we practice and teach Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu MJER (Read more here), which is one of the most popular schools (ryuha)

Do you belong to an organisation?

We are members of the DNBK. The DNBK was the first Official and premier Martial Arts Institution to be sanctioned by the Government of Japan it became the subsequent centre for the proud heritage and elitism of Japanese Budo, stressing the martial virtues of Samurai warrior and incomparable historical excellence in Martial disciplines.

Due to our MJER practice we are also a sword study group of the KNBK who are the preservors of the Masaoka-Ha tradition of Seito Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai Heiho.

Come and try us for free!

Simply turn up on thursday night and get your first session for free.

If you decide to stay weekly practice charged monthly costs £20 per calendar month.

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