Kagami by Masayuki Shimabukuro Hanshi

Published on November 26, 2013 by in News


ShimabukuroHanshiDuring this past weekend’s 2013 KNBK Koshukai at the KNBK Hombu Dojo, we had the great pleasure of announcing the official release of the book Kagami by Masayuki Shimabukuro Hanshi. This book is a hardbound collection of all articles by Shimabukuro Hanshi that appeared in Kagami from the first issue in 2006 through the summer of 2012. Now, they are all in available in one volume. This effort was conceived of and spearheaded by Bob Morris Sensei of the JKI/KNBK Socal Dojo in San Diego, with the approval of Carl E. Long, Hanshi-Ho and Soshihan of the KNBK. On behalf of Long Hanshi-Ho and Morris Sensei, I am proud to announce that Kagami is now available for sale. The following link will allow you to preview and purchase the book.

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We hope that you all enjoy this volume and benefit greatly from the teachings contained within its covers. Please join me in thanking Morris Sensei for his dedicated effort in making this book possible and Long Hanshi-Ho for his support. And we thank all of you for your support in the ongoing project that is Kagami.

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