UK KNBK Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu Seminar

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Iaido07We recently hosted the first UK KNBK Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu Seminar on the weekend of the 12th / 13th April 2014. Apart from previous visits to Belgium, this event was the first time UK members and visitors could get two solid days of training and exposure to Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai heiho.

I wanted to firstly thank Long Hanshi-Ho for putting trust in us to host and run the first event of its kind in the UK. We had not run something of this size before so finding a venue was tricky but in the end it turned out Margate was fairly easy for both UK and European members to get to. Who’d of thought Margate would be at the centre of Europe that weekend.

With most people arriving on the Thursday, we had a free day on Friday for a bit of sightseeing so we jumped in the car and drove the short drive to Rochester to visit the Castle and Cathedral, and do a bit of shopping. In Rochester castle you have the same castle build as the tower of London and I believe for a while, we had the castle to ourselves. For Bob Sensei, an added bonus of being able to visit the largest second hand bookshop in Europe. I think he could have bought more than he did.

We then retreated back to the hotel and moved in the Pub across the road from the hotel where we would pretty much live when not in the training hall for the next 4 days.
We had a good turnout from across Europe.

I also want to say a special thanks to Kako Lee Sensei, Bob Morris Sensei and Joe Wilde Sensei, who travelled from across the pond to help us with our practice. It is always great to meet family members for the first time. I am not quite sure when it happened but someone (and a welshman to boot) started to teach Joe cockney rhyming slang – to be honest I couldn’t adam and eve it myself.

Back in the dojo, we covered a lot of ground a lot of people locally had not been exposed to and everyone commented it was interesting and something they wanted more of. As always Hanshi always covers the multiple heiho of a waza, which you don’t get anywhere else. We are very lucky to have a direct access to such a great teacher.

Over the two days we covered:

  • Batto-Ho Shoden Waza
  • Batto-Ho Okuden Waza
  • Omori-Ryu seiza no Bu
  • Okuden Tachi Iai
  • Tachi Uchi no Kurai

I also want to personally thank everyone who took time out to travel across Europe to attend and I hope you found the seminar as enjoyable and inspiring as I did. I came with a huge
amount of things to work on and look forward to my next practice with Hanshi in October in Belgium (2 – 5th October in Antwerp if you are interested in coming).

We had members travel from Gibraltar, Wales, Ireland, England, Belgium as well as the 4 sensei from the US.

We had a last minute opportunity to record a radio and video piece for BBC Kent, and Sensei taught one of their Journalists how to wield a sword, it only took 30 seconds to remove the skepticism and replace it with a massive smile at making this first tachi kaze. I want to thank everyone who stayed behind on Monday to help with the BBC piece. This was your well deserved day off but you still all came in and helped make it a good experience for all. I’ll advise once it goes out.

At this point I want to say a special thank you to Jeff Bishop Sensei, who without which I would have been making 2 airports runs to collect everyone and helping me get everyone from the Hotel to the training hall each day. Cheers Goose!

We will be running the event next year, I just need a few days to get a date for next year agreed and in the diary.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Anyone who wants to come to the UK to train and maybe share a few ales should keep an eye out for next years dates.

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