UK Iaido and Kendo Festival

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Open to ALL Iaido & Kendo students of any rank, style and affiliation !!

Date: Saturday June 26th 2010

Although ‘open to all’, numbers will be limited.
As such, we offer advanced notice of this unique event.
Please advise by return Email if you would like a place.


Kendo: Dr Shuichi Terashima, Renshi.

After a life time in Kendo, Terashima Renshi is now Head of Kendo at The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School (Tenshin Kan Dojo UK) and ranked 5th Dan Renshi within DNBK ID.

Terashima Renshi was born in a small town in Japan in the Northern Region Tochigi Prefecture to a family of the Shizoku (Samurai warrior) class, descended from Aizu han (Aizu clan), with inherited blood of Seiwa-genji. Unfortunately his family archives were destroyed and burnt by the Satsuma Army during the Aizu-war in 1868.

At 5 years old he first took up a shinai under the tutelage of his Grandfather, within 2 years moved to a local Kendo Dojo. The Dojo was large with Teachers from Tochigi Police and Kokushikan University.

As a result of hard training Terashima Renshi enjoyed some good results at major Kendo Tournaments. However, aged just 17 he was diagnosed with RD (retinal detachment) but after recovering from operations, he resumed Kendo. The biggest change in his Kendo was meeting with a Nito (two swords) Kendo-ka. This had a great impact on the future of his Kendo, with the Nito style making him think how deep sword fighting philosophy was, he has been training Nito Kendo ever since.

Iaido: Carl Long, Kyoshi.

Shihan Long, Kyoshi is the highest ranked member in the world of Jikishin Kai International, under Shimabukuro Hanshi.

Shihan Long, Kyoshi is also a DNBK ID Iaido Kenshoin, Official Coordinator and senior-most student of Masayuki Shimabukuro Hanshi, the DNBKID Iaido Official Representative.

As Eastern USA Hombu-Cho and Director for the Jikishin-Kai International Long Kyoshi is responsible for the instruction and certification of Jikishin-Kai Instructors and Dojos throughout the United States of America, Canada, Central America, South America and Europe. Long Kyoshi is also an Honorary Member of MSMAS.

His interest in the Martial Arts began as a teenager in 1968, first studied Judo, Karate-do, Okinawa Kobudo weapons and other traditional Japanese Martial Arts, achieving Dan ranking in Shorin Ryu Karate (8th Dan), Iaido (7th Dan), Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu (6th Dan), Shito Ryu Karate (6th Dan), Okinawa Kobudo (5th Dan), Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu (4th Dan) & Aikido.


0900 Opening Payne Kyoshi
0915 Iaido Long Kyoshi
1100 Break
1115 Kendo Terashima Renshi
1300 Lunch
1330 Iaido Long Kyoshi
1515 Break
1530 Kendo Terashima Renshi
1715 Closing Payne Kyoshi

The Venue will be in Mid Sussex and location dependant on numbers.

This again will be dependent on numbers and actual venue costs.
The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School runs on a ‘not for profit basis’, so any fee charged will simply be to cover costs ‘on the day’.
Any surplus will be donated to a Charitable fund for young people in the Martial Arts.

For further information:


The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School
(Tenshin Kan Dojo UK)

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