Dojo Etiquette

  • Always perform a standing bow on entry to the Dojo, and remember that you are in a special place, designated for your time there as ‘the place of the Way’
  • Check that your Sword is in good condition before each practice; there should be no rattles or looseness anywhere and the mekugi should be tight
  • If you are a novice it is important that you obtain the correct clothing as soon as possible; and keep it clean and presentable
  • Treat any weapon with respect, be it bokuto, iaito or shinken, and remember to perform a to rei to Kamiza upon taking it up
  • If you have a question for a higher grade during practice, please go to them to ask
  • Use your weapon respectfully and safely with regard to others; don’t expect them to move out of your way. All of these weapons can inflict serious injury.
  • If they can be removed, remove rings before practice
  • When seated on the floor in the Dojo, sit cross-legged or in seiza
  • When giving a weapon to another, hold it in the non-threatening way, tsuka to your left and turn the ha towards you. The receiver should take it in the non-threatening way with left hand, then turn the ha to him or herself…